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Landscaping has been our passion for the last twenty-one years. Subsequently, we have been serving the communities in the seacoast area and providing our clients with services such as landscaping, snow removalstonework, and driveway creation. With years worth of satisfied clients, we have received and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Let us show you why our customers have turned into our friends.


We strive to deliver a quality and professional experience, and take pride in our ability to help our customers visualize their ideal grounds. So, whether you need quality sod, fresh seeding or professional and accurate mowing; our lawn maintenance service is unsurpassed. Our attention to detail is one of, if not, our finest qualities. We believe great results begin with quality products. That's why the seed we use is gathered from the finest sources in the seacoast area, and our sod is always lively and fresh. When working with us, you can be sure that your plants and trees are in their prime.

Whether you want your lawn sodded or seeded, we can provide the best value to your budget. We offer a range of landscaping services to produce the yard you envision. We can provide you with fertilization, weed and debris removal, professional mowing, addition of plants or trees, and lawn aeration. When you landscape with us, you can be sure that your landscape vision will be translated from your mind to your yard.

Many people choose to focus only on interior renovations to increase their home values. However, according to Turf Magazine, landscaping has been shown to increase a properties value by upwards of 15%. This allows the you to receive a greater return on your investment. With home prices increasing at an average of 3.5% per year, professional landscaping proves to be a solid investment. Call today to receive a consultation on your next landscaping project.

What Will Your New Landscape Project Include?

Our landscaping services cover a wide range of exterior improvements. These services can include everything from laying fresh sod to planting trees, creating gardens and more. Even the creation of a small topiary or grotto can add some elegance to your yard. With our long standing experience in all things landscaping, we offer the best value with the highest level of skill. Below are just some of the landscaping services we offer.

  • Seeding
  • Sod
  • Mowing
  • Maintenance
  • Planting Trees
  • Creating Gardens
  • Building Parks
  • Designing Topiarys

Maintenance and Aftercare

In addition to establishing the perfect lawn; maintenance and mowing is an incredibly important part of a yards aftercare. It is for this reason we offer professional mowing and fertilization. We have the tools to keep every lawn in prime condition for years to come. Our company cuts every customers' grass with only the best equipment and blades so that the grass is always cleanly cut and not torn. Additionally we'll make sure the lawn is evenly fertilized and healthy.  Our goal is to provide you with the yard you want, and then to keep it lush, beautiful, and full of life.  Call us now and ask how our business can help you proactively care for your new landscape.

Ready for a Landscaping Change?

We would love to discuss your landscaping vision and how we can turn your dream a reality. Our company is happy to work with everyone on any size project. While you may just be looking to bring the life back to the yard with a lawn maintenance program. Or perhaps you're getting ready to start a larger landscaping project to change the look of your exterior. We can help with whatever type of landscaping your looking for.

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